Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Marduk Live in Singapore 2010

This might be the most anticipated show for the year 2010 for Malaysian and Singaporean extreme metalheads. Marduk themselves were also looking forward to come to this shore as they ll be playing 6 dates if Im not mistaken ; from Bangkok to Singapore before having 4 dates in Indonesia ( which I believed at that time would shock the band members due to well known huge population of Indonesian fans and I was also informed that they are crazy extreme metallers). At least this was what me and Rammy were discussing about; in which MARDUK will hugely pleased or better say INTIMIDATED by the Indonesian fans. Prior to this Rammy also tagged me in facebook a picture of a huge billboard of MARDUK concert with their corpse paints somewhere in Bali. See, this is what I mean.

Before we move further, I would like to brief you on Marduk. I bet most metalheads dig them during their Opus Nocturne album or Those of the Unlight (not to say that other albums are not good, in fact they are so fast and intense ). I say that because I was one of them. So, I never listen to any Marduk album after these two albums but a few of their songs. So, I went there without prior knowledge of what is going on (though I listened to a few of their albums and I can say I love Roman) or in other words POSEUR.

My date with Morgan and co. was almost halted off due to financial constraint, since Iron Maiden will also be coming to Singapore and I was left to make two difficult choices in which was Maiden of course. Fortunately, I had made up my decision and decided to go for both. On that drizzly night me, Rammy (faithcraft blogspot, Au Revoir and the legendary Blackfire) and Syed Pak Chen took a 13-hour bus ride to Johor Bahru. Later around 4 p.m we headed towards Singapore via Tambak Johor it was a smooth ride only for a tragedy to happen. Rammy was denied entry by the Singaporean Immigration and me and Syed were stunned to disbelief and left with no choice but to continue the journey. I believed that was one of my most fucked up experiences. After checked in at Sleepy Sam's hostel we went to the venue whereby we met several friends outside Substation and having Rammy's ticket sold.

When the show started almost at 9 p.m. we felt like we were tortured and attacked ferociously by Marduk's intensity only to got annoyed by some stagedivers and one fucko with spikes. To be honest I was only familiar with 30% of the songs played but believe me, this is the only reason I came this far to witness one of the fastest and brutal Black metal band on earth(refer to the video guys).

After 14 - 15 songs they thanked us and stopped. We left the venue then without knowing that they did went out and met the fans and having autographs signed (after browsing on the Marduk pics uploaded by some on fb). Feeling regret but then, it was the show that mattered the most. This is the reason I look forward for overseas bands (mat salleh bands) cause they play so tight and sooo sebijik.

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