Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Blogging Again

It's been a year since my last blog post. Blogging experience wise, it was not that great having to know that nobody's given a damn about what I'd posted here except those who are close to me.

Yet here I am again updating my lousy and crappy blog after I read http://swingingbowlsatay.blogspot.com/ in which recommended to me by Mr. Rammy (ex-Blackfire, the mighty RAVEN (fave band of mine), Au Revoir , Kemenyan Fanzine, Faithcraft Studio and Production as well as old... old... buddy who runs his own blog (recommended too) http://faithcraftmobile.blogspot.com/ . In a nutshell, people do inspire other people...and kudos to Mr. Azam of mangkukhayun blog (swinging bowl) for inspiring me to blog again....


  1. congrats dude... mangkuk ayun tu dia kat adelaide, masa aku p jumpa sam dulu kat situ laaa.... anyway, teruskan usaha murni hg ...... kalau x pun buat review utk thanatopsis atau perabis review yg terbengkalai! ahhahahah

    1. Aku loser blog tuh yang malaih nak update....anyway thanks pasai tk bg aku jadi loser...cepat jgk hg baca no... bleh ajaq aku mcmna nak bagi link dgn org ramai so people can buy my stuffs...... come on la bro...kan kita UNDERGROUND PUBLISHER buddies...